Restaurant Delphi - Welcome to Pressath

We look forward to your visit to our restaurant! We the family Kouroudis run for many years, our Greek restaurant in the city of Pressath at Schinner road.

We are a traditional family business and place great value on our fresh mediterranean ingredients and their preparation.

For many years, our guests appreciate the friendly and attentive service of our restaurant.

Our aim is to make it that you feel like be on holiday and indulge in good food and drink!

 your Delphi Team


About Delphi

Among the ancient Greeks, Delphi was considered the center - the hub - in the world.

This is highlighted by the so-called "Omphalos", the symbolic carved in ancient stone, still admired today in the museum.

Its importance was the town by the famous sanctuary of Apollo, the god of wisdom, in which the famous oracles were spoken by the priests. During the announcement, they sat on a tripod over a chasm from which vapors out contended that aroused their ecstasy.


Griechische Restaurant DELPHI
Schinnerstr. 42
92690 Pressath

Tel.: +49(0)9644-376


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